Asemic Endgame illus. Գ

corruption of darkness

“Asemic Endgame IllustrationԳ “

dv 2013, ink, acrylics, bister on paper and cloth on wood, 50×42 cm

“Asemic Endgame ” is a new procedural research into Asemic Writing as writing Under Siege, attempting to establish links with  Negarestani’s “poromechanics” and the non-philosophy of François Laruelle. There’s absolutely no meaning here.


what we see is dead already, darkness
surrounding darkness, what we see is
dying, death surrounding the progression

of death, darkness surrounding darkness
our bodies are nothing but holes & cracks
the sun’s devastation pouring through

the defenseless tissue of our dying selves
blood & sand mixed with the blackness
of our absence that is eternally present

already in the shimmering seconds of
horror that we call life, & All is War
waging amongst us, against us, we are

prey and predator alike, we are we are
We are We Ar W R I A WE ARE WAR
and darkness surrounds the Dark within

our skull. I’s are EYESAREWAREYES.



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