Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends, nl weblog (v.2)

death is not that bad

(gevonden in Euthanasiel, het internationale tijdschrift  van
Euthanasiekliniek Vlaanderen,
een instituut opgericht
met steun van
de Europese Gemeenschap)

death by starvation
is slow & tender:
the gradual weakening
of your bodily functions
softens your resistance
& takes away your pain
enables you finally
to  think clearly
& when your thoughts
come to their conclusion
your brain lets go
of everything.

death is not that bad
a distant fear that you
once had

death by disease
can be annoying
when you’re not
among the happy few –
strung on morphine
death can be much fun
– but when the nurse
has left the building
you need to get inside
the pain:
there is delight deep
inside the core
of suffering just
like there is more light
within the darkness
that will come.

death is not that bad
it’s just a thing that you
just had

death by strangling
is a pearl of joy
the lack of oxigen
will make your body
quiver, quake &
you will come &
you will shit &
urinate: all your love
will be released
into the emptyness
of your beloved

death is not that bad
it’s just a wish that you
once had

death by drowning
is quite exquisite
it’s our number one
for folk without hope
you get to swim a lot
amongst your equals
& then the cold
makes you feel
truly old & ready
for the journey

death is not that bad
it’s just the life  you
never had

death by bullet
or accident is sudden
it’s like waking from
a dream into the moment
of a sound before
it’s there
your heart may still
be pumping in despair
but that’s just
another metaphor:
there’s no one there

death is not that bad
it’s just a way of life
that says:

you’re there.


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