Aquarel “rottend humanisme”

"rottend humanisme (ingewikkeld)" dv 2017 - ink & chalks & water color on paper, 26x18 cm



When a rotting concept is too complicated in conflations surrounding the Deictic Stay the recommended course of action for the NKdeE Novice is to visualize it in Blue Space and surround it by a fragmented declamation of the selesteina verbigram in its second mode and thereby accelerate its decomposition.

In doing so do not count on soliciting the on-viewers disgust, most likely they will pretend to ‘like’ or even ‘wow’ the garbage if that was resulting from a correct procedure. So prepare some of the usual trending remarks un-denying the denied disgust into the peace of a mutual non sequitur, e.g.

  • “yes, ‘humanism’, disgusting isn’t it”
  • “i do acknowledge the basic need for this”
  • “you should see me do feminism”

As always, if you sell the garbage, it is valid.

If you can’t sell it, threaten the audience to repeat the accelerationalist action with the aid of a priest wearing only his tunic and a handful of vomiting Wiener Sänger Knaben and in front of a gigantic screen mixing the captured painting action with a clever montage of Trump speeches in Full HD.

If that doesn’t work, add some zero’s to the price tag.


Creatief afval getoond in blogposts met het label ‘te koop’ kan u kopen aan de vermelde prijs om de creatieve praktijk van Afhankelijk Auteur Dirk Vekemans te ondersteunen.

De werken worden na ontvangst van betaling gratis (binnen Benelux) opgestuurd  en zijn voorzien van een echtheidscertificaat.
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Bedankt alvast!