de Naakte Waarheid (8/4174)

Startled by the news of the approaching Frigate of Free Lyricism the Veritanians rapidly deploy their Ultimate Coast Line Defense Program (UCLID) that basicly consists of raising a row of enormous empty Coca-Cola bottles along the shore. The Moloch of the Silent Majority supervizes the works with its hands ostentatiously idle, while blatantly disrupting the illusion of true perspective. Who could blame it for doing so? 

de Naakte Waarheid (5/4174)

Alatheia feels the World approaching…

[inlay] the illustrous Kings of Udu-fingering the German brothers Otto and Wiebald von Kosmov!! [/inlay]

At a given moment every Truth in Veritania, be it a Trivial Obviousness or a Higher Axiom must pass into the World, and well, we all know what happens to Truth in Trumpadera. So it is hardly surprising that Alatheia is having dreamsof herself as a strangely coloured Udu filled with the Remnants of Free Lyricism and five year old walnuts. In her dreams she is horridly failing to keep up the texts that spill from her Opening in disgustingly pure Pink

de Naakte Waarheid (4/4174)

Anja was an exemplary student and her behaviour was utterly Truthfull but at night she was subjected to alarming dreams of herself as an ecstatically ravished torso in a Semi-geometric space. She searched for clarification in the works of

Alfred J. Semi, but nowhere in the 26 volumes of his work was to be found any reference to this particular geometry. One night there was a full moon and the waves of pleasure were moving through her body with greater power than usual. Suddenly text started to ap

pear in the forms surr

ounding her torso. It took her a while to figure out that the text ran through and was thus

telling a STORY if one just read it in the right order!